light branding

Who has our strong trust?
We are extending the principles of our personal lives to our business ecosystem: only those who show authenticity and a coherent approach convince us every day anew. We are applying this rule not only to people, but to businesses and brands. We feel that people and brands need to engage at eye level, or else they never meet.
As a social and communicating entity every business does have a personality and identity – unconsciously or deliberately controlled. Ideally, the values and goals reflect in every business activity. As we are living in an ever changing and dynamic world one has to continuously strive for a meaningful whole.

We advise you holistically.
Starting from the thought of a holistic corporate identity we are illuminating the entire personality of your company. We are developing a joint strategy on how to sustainably sharpen the identity of your brand(s) via a comprehensive lighting concept and the appropriate lighting tools.
With the help of creativity workshops that are especially designed for you and your company, we are conveying specific knowledge about the phenomenon light versus human perception. We are including all senses to help you increase your awareness for your portfolio and the development of products:
  How does the world look like seen through wine gum?
Can one taste or smell the spirit of time?
  What causes feelings of happiness?
  Is your favourite cozy corner dark?
How does hot water sound like?
  Are spotlights curious beings?
  Under which fertilizer do secrets grow best?
Listening and telling stories, broadening the horizon, developing visions and finally savouring a bath in the crowd instead of stepping into a wet cell. Benefit from our knowledge on how to strengthen the experience of your brand(s) on all levels of interactions: this is light branding.

Creative workshops for today and tomorrow.
Being up-to-date means looking into the future and trying to influence it. We want to help you!
• Rediscover your own company, your brand(s) and your potential.
• Develop fresh team spirit with gut feeling together with your employees.
• Learn more about what your customers really want and why.
• Get to know the power of the attentive moment and how the attention to detail can become a culture of sustainable change.

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